Once when I was 18, minding my own business on a treadmill in the gym, a personal trainer approached me and offered me private boxing sessions once a week for about SGD$2000 (~USD$1500) a month. The thought of that still makes me giggle sometimes, for the fact that he actually thought that an 18-year-old would have that kind of money to spend. Maybe another investment banker in the gym, but definitely not 18-year-old me who was working in a hostel then.

I’ve always been a fan of boxing as a workout. I love the adrenaline, and it’s also the most effective workout for me. Nothing is hotter than the thought of efficiency to me; knowing that the workout gives me the maximum output for the minimal time. Min-maxing baby! But in all honesty, fitness classes or boxing gyms were never my thing. I do not enjoy working out to the rhythms of others, on their schedule, at their venue, with music of their choice, and most importantly, at their pace and instruction. Information on techniques is also accessible for anyone at anytime in 2023 from our best friend, the internet. When you’re truly focused and determined, you will have no interest in engaging your workout in a social environment, or to brag about it on the socials. You’re doing it for yourself.

That is also quite the philosophy of boxing in my opinion.

FOCUS and you stay ON TARGET. Everything else is secondary.

What grinds my gears the most is boxing instructors spending majority of the time focusing on perfecting your techniques, making you do sit-ups and jump ropes, when all I wanted was to have a casual box at the bag like a maniac and sweat it out.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m pretty sure most of us have no interest in becoming the next Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey, but instead enjoy boxing as a form of fitness workout instead. On top of that, boxing gym memberships, classes, and private trainers are extremely expensive for what they’re worth.

And the alternatives to a boxing gym would be:

  • A. Drilling a massive 50 kg punching bag into your ceiling.
  • B. Purchasing one of these fancy electronic boxing machines, which is quite the eyesore and requires electricity.
  • C. Find a friend or trainer who’s willing to hold the punching pads for you while you train, at the mercy of others.

So why isn’t there anything in-between for the casual boxer or the lone wolf? Why does boxing have to be an expensive and intimidating workout when the science behind it is pretty simple?


All the best things in life are simple. But consistency is key.

So whenever I’m home in Singapore, I always look forward to hitting the boxing pillar at the outdoor fitness park nearby. I would put on my favourite uplifting music with the sickest bass and hit that pillar in the middle of the night when it was most peaceful and quiet. Call me weird, but that adrenaline really gets me going and I love it.

On a quiet evening on the February 5, 2023, during my usual late-night workout at 1am, a Eureka moment hit me while I was doing my usual dance with the boxing pillar at the park. That is to create a small portable boxing target that still does the job, so that I can always have my boxing workout on the go, anywhere I want, even when I’m travelling or on holidays. Something that allows me to get a new surrounding of my choice every workout. Something that isn’t an eyesore, is heavy, and takes up an entire backpack. Something compact that’s both indoor and outdoor friendly, that leaves me ZERO EXCUSE to not workout for the day.

I want to revolutionise the way we all view boxing as a workout, into an exercise that’s a lot more accessible for everyone and anyone. To normalise the simple core rotational movement from boxing as a casual everyday workout that anyone of any age can do. It’s not about how hard you hit, but how fast and accurately you hit consistently. Air punching isn’t as effective as punches on even the slightest impact. Life is all about energy and how it transfers. It’s just like how you would exercise and jump with the help of skipping ropes. Sometimes you just need the right tool to help you reach your goals—something simple but still effective. There is absolutely no need to travel far to an upscale gym with exorbitant membership fees just to jump ropes, to complicate things more than necessary. Time is precious.

I was insanely thrilled by the idea. I came up with the name immediately to rhyme with The Sassy Stick, another product idea I had for the longest time. (coming soon!) I picked up sewing the next few days with an old sewing machine, designed, and created a prototype for this idea immediately. Spent the next few weeks slowly perfecting it to what it is today. 

And that my friend, is the story of THE BOXY BIT for the bold misfit. Peace x
– Jessica